Tolkalina, Dovlatov and others tested his strength in the Baptism

Толкалина, Довлатова и другие испытали себя на прочность в Крещение In the night from Wednesday to Thursday a Russian celebrity joined the traditional dip in the icy water. According to legend, all the waters on the eve of Epiphany is considered Holy. Lyubov Tolkalina dared to dive without clothes, and Liberi Kadono so afraid of cold that sank into a hole in a white shirt.

      In the celebration of Baptism many religious people experience themselves on the strength and plunge into an ice hole. According to tradition, on this night the water in which to dive daredevils, a Saint. For bathing there was a special place with wooden stairs and railings, easy access to water and heated locker rooms. Before this experiment, the hardening many people go through rigorous training: daily poured cold water.

      Russian celebrities also decided to follow tradition and went to dip in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. However, not all dare to dive into the hole, so swimming in the pool, the sea and the ocean.

      Alla Dovlatov has chosen organized on-site fitness centre and plunge pool. The leading congratulated its subscribers with the Orthodox holiday and posted a picture in a bathing suit.

      “Hope you had a chance today to take a dip in the Holy water! After all, the most important ritual for Baptism in the world is a pilgrimage, a procession to the Jordan river. Participate in this solemn procession of the faithful from around the world. We do it at Home. Of course, take a dip in the Jordan is much easier than we have in the reservoirs when the air temperature is from -5 to -30! Therefore, I think that a strong spirit of people especially the Lord help! We firmly believe and know that after the Epiphany bathing we get extra protection! And very happy is the soul that you have overcome the cold and the fear!” she wrote under the photo.

      Lyubov Tolkalina has decided to change traditions. A woman immersed in the Holy water in the Nude. The actress filmed everything on camera. Some felt that the artist did wrong, taking a dip in the plunge pool without any clothes on. However, other followers Tolkalina noted that in clothes there is a risk of freezing cold after getting out of icy water.

      The star of “House-2” Liberi Kadono plunged into an ice hole in the white shirt. According to the girl, bathing on the night of the Baptism, she tried for the first time. Subscribers praised the ex-contestant of the reality show of courage, however, some are seriously worried that after this ceremony Liberg can get sick.

      The male half of show business is also not afraid to test his strength. Ilya Bachurin dived in the suburban baths in the shape of a cross that was illuminated at the edges. For the broadcaster Archie Epiphany bathing was the fifth, so it is not the least bit frightening ice water. Prokhor Chaliapin decided it was better to celebrate the Orthodox holiday in a warm country. The singer has shared a video from the Bahamas and showed how he dives into the ocean. Oleg Gazmanov took for members congratulations on the Baptism. The singer admitted that he could only swim in the azure waters off the coast of the Maldives.