The most candid interview of Dmitri Hvorostovsky

Самое откровенное интервью Дмитрия Хворостовского
In conversation with the journalist of the edition “the Results” of the famous baritone told who he was really.

Самое откровенное интервью Дмитрия Хворостовского

Dmitri Hvorostovsky with his wife Florence

Photo: Yury Feklistov


In the evening on
the stage of the Opera Hvorostovsky — Rigoletto desperately tore the soul on cold
the body of Gilda, and then, when the curtain fell, distantly listened to mad
the applause of the audience. The next morning our hero, after sending his wife Florence to drink
a Cup or two of the famous Viennese coffee in the company of a friend, began
retell the story of his unusual life. Specially for the readers
The “results”…

— What are you
felt, Dmitri, when he stepped from the open hatch into the abyss?

the space felt and the joy of soaring free in the sky! We before long
climbed up on an old, barely breathing and seemed to be jeopardized
to fall to pieces in the air plane. In its fuselage huge gaping
the hole, where it was also possible to push not only the arm but the head.
Honestly, when I saw this heap became a little uncomfortable. Still
first parachute jump I wanted to make with reliable air
ship! We naively thought that appealed to a serious firm, engaged in
the organization of such flights, and in fact ran into some
prohindeev. It was in December last year in Florida. To rise from
me in the air and then down to the ground was about Anne Ziff, our wife
a good friend. Ziff — a very well-known in America, the name, family
billionaires. Anne had already jumped with a parachute, but decided to keep me
the company, that is to say, moral support. The first doubts began
to visit, when we saw the name of the street leading from Fort Lauderdale to
the airfield: Flying Cow Road — “the Road flying cows”. We were greeted by two
the old alcoholic, which for three miles was irresistible smelling of booze.
Melancholic chewing the cud, they slowly gathered the parachutes. I looked
red, ispite the faces of aunts and gently asked us if
ladies prepare to the flight. The answer was positive: it was you!
To be honest: I was scared. But it turned out to be just the beginning. From the hangar came out
some guys in mind, too, obviously after a good drink the night before, but although
would be younger than parasitologic. Without any lyrical introductions to us included
video and said, “get Ready!” The movie lasted five minutes on this
preflight briefing was over, and I resignedly walked to the plane,
the road, once again showing polite curiosity: “Excuse me, but where our
the overalls?” Heard discouraging: “On a Fig? And so jump!” The more I
no questions asked… we Sat down and flew. Florence left to wait downstairs. My
partner during the descent from ten thousand feet, filmed on
a video camera attached to his outstretched hand. Then I repeatedly watched
this shot and at first could not understand what makes in-flight partner
tandem. Only later was dismantled: it turns out he yawns. And clearly not to
blow laid from the elevation of the ears. He was bored, people
am sick to death of the tea-tourists! I thought he has behind him,
probably thirty thousand such jumps, and even more…

half the distance to the ground we flew in free fall, and it was
the real thrill! Then he opened a sports parachute-wing and began
descent planning at different angles — left and right, left and right… these
the swing I have to admit, a little seasick, even fouled. In short, it is necessary
would try again. To consolidate the material.

I did! Once Ann told me about your first jump experience and I
jokingly said that, too, would like to try. Thus cut off his
the path to the retreat. I since the childhood afraid of heights. Not to panic, but
still. In an effort to overcome fear, climbed trees, and with the risk of collapse
neck, eyes closed, and jumped from there. Even threw themselves on the ground from the roofs of garages and
the second floor Windows. In short, strongly raised will trained strength of the spirit,
but, you know, not too good. And today do not feel at ease,
when I go out on the balcony and look down. By profession repeatedly flew into
theatre on the fly, hanging on a rope, and did other acrobatic tricks
but every time felt a now familiar sensation of the categories is not the
nice. In childhood only to those engaged in that constantly overcame
all kinds of fears. Remember in three years is very sick, lying in bed in
delirium, I imagined, as if from under the tree someone eerily whispers
some words. I pulled the blanket over his head, I called my mom and complained to her: “There
whisper lives…” In General, as a child, I was fearful and more than anything wanted
to turn from the gentle music of a boy in a harsh and brave kid. For
this could night to go alone into the woods. In the summer we usually lived in the country, and I don’t
warning adults walked, aimlessly. Behind every Bush and barrel
the tree in the dark I was feeling the wolves and bears, but I bravely moved
only forward…

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  • Самое откровенное интервью Дмитрия Хворостовского
    Dmitri Hvorostovsky

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Самое откровенное интервью Дмитрия Хворостовского

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Самое откровенное интервью Дмитрия Хворостовского

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