Самый красивый учитель теперь рекламирует белье

Italian math teacher signed a contract with fashion house Armani and took part in the advertising campaign of the brand.

Pietro Boselli teaches at University College London and leads an active life in social networks. 28-year-old teacher became famous thanks to his disciples who gladly published his photographs in blogs. Pietro became so popular that took part in the competition of the sexiest teachers and, of course, won.

The most beautiful math teacher, born near Verona, he has a degree in mechanical engineering. In addition, he occasionally starred in advertising campaigns for brands such as Abercrombie and Fitch. In General, Bocelli – personality is clearly multifaceted and contradictory. For the first time Pietro became an Armani model at the age of seven, but, growing up, decided to give up and acquire a more serious profession.

At the moment Boselli is an official fitness line Armani EA7 and happily posing for the brand’s half-naked form. By the way, newly minted star has something to show: hot teacher regularly engaged in the gym and comply with the diet. Thanks to this, Boselli boasts a gorgeous fit body.

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