«Король Лев» получит ремейк от Disney

The representatives of the Walt Disney studios announced the remake of the well known and loved by millions cartoon. The company intends to give a second life to the cartoon “the lion King”.

The decision to restart this story was made on the basis of the success of recent projects handled by Disney. In particular, we are talking about released in 2016 the movie “the Jungle Book”, which was created with innovative technologies and achieve maximum realism. In world hire the film was Jon Favreau, collected 965,8 million dollars.

Now, however, it Favreau will do a new production of “the Lion King”. Whether it’s film or cartoon, is not specified.

Recall that in the near future on the big screen will be another amazing story about love — a film adaptation of the fairy tale “beauty and the Beast”, where the main roles were played by Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. Previously, the most successful remakes of Disney could be called “Maleficent” and “Cinderella.”