Дмитрий Маликов лечит дочь от звёздной болезни

Stefaniya Malikova, the daughter of the singer Dmitry Malikov, though, and feels like a Princess, but growing in severity father’s education. In a recent interview, the singer and producer told some precautionary measures that his daughter has not received stellar disease. The actor admitted that Stephanie teaches sympathy and empathy, and often takes her with him in hospitals and orphanages.

Dmitri worries that success hasn’t gone to the girl’s head. After all, at this moment eighteen Stasi already more than 400 thousand fans on the social network Instagram. From time to time Malikov “sobering” the daughter remarks, and in General positioning himself as a strict father.
“My parents made in my childhood to play the piano, dad took the belt, I was vinilla, but I didn’t have major conflicts with their parents. Because I rarely saw, they were always on tour. And with Stephanie I bet. Make her work as much as possible” — told Dmitry about his childhood.
Dmitry believes that modern children everything is much easier than in his time.
“Before, people worked hard to achieve success, but now the children are accustomed to, that they are encouraged every time. We are doing this: you candy because you read the book..All the geniuses came to success through the colossal overcome.. Should be able to overcome the difficulties, and I want Stephanie didn’t look at the world through rose-colored glasses. We often go with her to the orphanages and hospitals, communicate with people, which is difficult, that’s sick – she needs to see and know that it is different, must learn to empathize” — said Dmitry.
Malik admits that sometimes spoils his daughter, not without it, but it does so in a graduated way, so she knows the boundaries of self-indulgence. The actor is proud that her daughter knows the value of money, because I started to make them from of 16 years – the girl had already started modeling career, appeared on the catwalks, photographed for glossy magazines, and now decided to conquer the world of music, and even released a debut video.