Похитительница Матвея Иванова впервые заговорила о содеянном Elena and Sergey Spagobi ready to fight for the child. Two years ago a woman stole the boy from the hospital and told his wife that it was their son. The deception was revealed when she decided to draw up the documents fake birth certificate Matvey Ivanov.

      Похитительница Матвея Иванова впервые заговорила о содеянном

      In January to reveal the truth about the whereabouts of little Matvey Ivanov, who went missing from the hospital in Dedovsk in 2014. It turned out that during this time the baby was in the family Spahovic who gave him the name Egor and raised the boy as their own. The deception was revealed when a woman has decided to issue documents for the child with a fake birth certificate.

      Despite the scandal surrounding the incident, Elena Shahova refused to comment in the press, but after a while decided to tell his version of the incident. Orphanage or family: what fate for Matthew Ivanov, choose adult

      In 36 years, Helen after long loneliness he met his true love. Some time later, the lovers began to live together, and soon the woman became pregnant. After she miscarried, she didn’t want to upset the wife and decided to go on stealing someone else’s child.

      “I don’t know what moved me. Whether maternal instinct, or a nervous condition,” recalls Spehova.
      Похитительница Матвея Иванова впервые заговорила о содеянном

      According to the women, it during the month deceived wife spoke that gave birth, but the child remained in the hospital, supposedly for treatment. Elena was on the verge of despair and even wanted to commit suicide. When once again she came to the clinic, I didn’t know what to do.

      “And then I went to the hospital wing. I have nothing on hoping. Just went inside. Waited for the Elevator and went up to the fifth floor,” – describes the events of two years ago Elena.

      She went down to NICU where I saw a child. Elena wrapped him in a towel and went to her husband. Along the way she met one of the nurses. Sergei was happy when I saw the baby. He examined your features and making plans for his future.

      Похитительница Матвея Иванова впервые заговорила о содеянном

      A few weeks woman tortured conscience, but Elena was happy that now she has a real family – a loving husband and child. New year’s eve Elena asked at work to bring the child’s documents to give him a gift. Spehova forged the document, after which the Investigation Committee took the boy to the parents.

      The biological mother of Matvey Ivanov, who after birth gave up the baby, insisting to take the child. Two years later, Lyudmila admitted in the program “Let them talk” that the decision to leave the son she adopted only because of the fact that father Matthew beat her during pregnancy. The biological mother of Matvey Ivanov: “I am ready to fight for his son!”

      “What’s done is done, – says Sergey Spahiu. Yes, she was kidnapped, I understand. And if so decided, you are ready to take responsibility. But the son should grow up in a family. Egor — my child, Yes he is similar to me. No matter who his real parents are. They left him, why no one sues?”

      Currently, the couple is ready to fight for the baby until the last. Now they are not allowed to see the child. He collects documents to officially adopt the boy.

      “I have not yet picked the exact words. But I guess I will say this: “Egorka, we love you very much. We don’t care who your real parents — you are ours!” And tell you all about it,” admitted Helen in conversation with the correspondent of newspaper Life.