«Евровидение» оказалось на грани срыва In the team competition, there were serious personnel changes. Despite this, the European broadcasting Union say that the changes will not affect the large-scale preparation of the competition. Ticket sales will open on 14 February.

      Today, the Network appeared the statement of the organizers of the international song contest “Eurovision-2017” in Ukraine. It was signed by 21 people from the creative team of the competition. They claim that they can no longer continue working on the event. The authors also noted that it had made all efforts for implementation of the project and tried to find a compromise.

      “We, the team of “Eurovision”, which this contest has not only become a part of our work, but also a part of life, reported that leave the project and stop working on the preparation for the competition,” – said in the message distributed in the Ukrainian media.

      Later on the official website of the competition there was a comment on the statement of experts that was responsible for his conduct.

      Alexander Panajotova tipped the participation in “Eurovision”

      “Today it was announced that several members of the core team of the Eurovision resigned… We thank them for their hard work. We reaffirm the importance of prompt and effective implementation of all plans in life, despite personnel changes. We stick to deadlines and milestones that have been developed and approved by the reference group to ensure a successful event in may”, share the song representatives of the European Union.

      It is also reported that more information about the team of “Eurovision-2017” will be released in due course.

      Meanwhile, soon will start selling tickets for the popular competition. This will take place on Tuesday, February 14. Very “Eurovision” will be held in may in Kyiv International exhibition center. The first will be two semi-finals and then the final stage of the international song competition.

      Earlier in mass media there was information that the most likely party from Russia on “the Eurovision” I believe singer Alexander Panayotov, triumphantly returning to the stage after participating in the project “the Voice”. Among other candidates is also referred to as the finalist of the popular show Daria Antonyuk. Jane Elena Temnikova, who were also in the list of possible contestants, refused tempting offers for the big employment.

      We will remind that last year Russia was represented by Sergey Lazarev, who took third place with the song “You’re the only one”. The singer topped the audience vote, but in the final she lost to Australian Demi Them, which became the second, and also the Ukrainian singer Jamal, which was named the winner of the contest.