The intrigue of the week! Who choose the bachelor Ilya Glinnikov?

Интрига недели! Кого выберет холостяк Илья Глинников?
The next day held the finals of the most romantic shows of the country.

Интрига недели! Кого выберет холостяк Илья Глинников?

Madina Tamova

Photo: Press service of TNT

Saturday will be the finale of the fifth season
show “the Bachelor” on TNT! Three months ago, Ilya Glinnikov met with about 25
participants, today there were only two. Girl extraterrestrial beauty
a strong character – Ekaterina Nikulina and mysterious, affectionate and
charming Madina Tamova. Very soon, Elijah will have to make the most
complex and important choices in your life.

“No I don’t
could not believe that in this show you can find love, — says Ilya Glinnikov.
But I made my choice, and made his heart.”

But before that every girl will
last chance to prove to the bachelor sincerity of his feelings — they will give him
private Dating.

how he’s perfect,” says before the final Katya Nikulina.

“If you cry,
it is only from happiness,” said her rival Madina Tamova.

Katya Nikulina

Photo: Press service of TNT

Anyone will be able to charm the bachelor? And who in the end Ilya Glinnikov give your heart and give you a ring?

The finale, of course, will not live, and the creators of the show already know the name of the winner. Eve broadcast Glinnikov gave an interview in which he admitted that his relationship with this girl continuing in a normal life without cameras. Ilya said that he considers it perfect, but they have a lot of work.

“In every act of my darling say her values, character, nobility and dignity. She fills my heart completely, and I already can’t imagine life without her. Our sense has only just begun, but if we can work together to reach the last station, I will be the happiest man on earth!”

What do you think: who will choose Ilya — Kate or Madina? Vote!

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