Зачинщик травли Пугачевой просит у нее прощения The author of the controversial petition apologized to Alla Borisovna through “StarHit”. The man said that did not expect so much publicity. Also, he said that his words were initially misinterpreted, so the document has done so much noise. Manukyan sincerely regrets the incident and hopes that Diva will be able to forgive him.

      Зачинщик травли Пугачевой просит у нее прощения

      After the holidays, the public was stirred up petition, created by rostovchanin Vadim Manoukian. The man was unhappy with a Christmas program with the participation of the artist. “Believe me, very few people liked to be at the table “the Diva,” wrote on the website change.org Vadim, speaking directly to the General Director “the First channel” Konstantin Ernst. The petition was supported by more than 150 thousand people. Meanwhile, the star friends started the hashtag #cappachino, and admirers of the singer have created a reciprocal initiative in defense of the actress.

      “Well, wishers, excited? It’s perfect! So, life goes on. And my strength in love and support of fans” – responded Alla in the social network. Meanwhile, the petitioner decided to appeal to the Diva via “StarHit”.

      “Dear Alla Borisovna. I would like to clarify the situation surrounding the petition that I made, inspired by the Christmas blue lights. In no case did not want to hurt you or even worse – hurt. Unfortunately, my words were misinterpreted. There is another petition, not mine, it is the header added fuel to the fire and caused violent reactions of artists and media. I did not call to expel the air you or your colleagues. However, I think you will agree that Christmas the air of Federal channels is to improve, to change its format. Sure, fans were excited to be with you like at the same table. But there are those, to whom this work is not close. As you rightly said, the plan looks like not logical. With your work mark, especially like the songs “Call me”, “Candle”, “another snowstorm”… Creating the petition, did not expect that it would cause a major stir, provoke your friends, enemies, fans. I hope sharp position of the Internet community you are not too upset about it. I sincerely hate for the way things turned out, of course, did not want to escalate the tension surrounding your name.”

      On the eve of the scandal and spoke the General Director of the First channel Konstantin Ernst, who addressed a petition Manukyan. The man said that new programs are developed annually based on the interests of the audience and age group of the audience. According to Ernst, this is most of the country wanted to see a festive air. Konstantin Ernst spoke about the scandal with Alla Pugacheva