Ani Lorak compared with a wax figure

Ани Лорак сравнили с восковой фигурой The actress along with her husband went on vacation to Central America. The new year holidays, the singer spent at work, so only now she had time to escape from the usual hustle and bustle of the concert. Ani Lorak has managed to place in the social network candid shot which has caused excitement among subscribers. The followers compared the star with a Museum piece.

      Ani Lorak gave a romantic vacation in Cuba. She crossed the Atlantic ocean together with her husband Murat Nalchajian. While the woman posted a few pictures. One of them is a celebrity posing in a swimsuit that allows you to see the slender figure of the actress. The fans were delighted with what they saw. Many admitted that lorac reminds them of the statue. According to them, the star is in such good shape that it can be viewed indefinitely.

      Ani Lorak with her husband bought for my daughter first property

      Followers likened the artist Museum exhibit, because that, according to users, it looks perfect and every curve of her body as if carved from wax. It is obvious that most of the fans have left enthusiastic comments, which praised the singer for her hard work not only in work but also over their own bodies. They claim that not every person is able to maintain itself in good shape. And if you take into consideration that the woman at the end of September last year was 38, then it may not delight fans.

      “A figure like cut! Perfect, well done!”, “There are no words, you look beautiful, stay always like that, though it is difficult!”, “To the Museum should be put, beautiful body, Bravo!”, “I was really waiting for your pics in the swimsuit, you look beautiful. Gorgeous figure,” wrote commentators in the Network.

      Subscribers Ani Lorak also pleased with a picture of her with her husband. They once again pointed to the fact that the couple looks great together. In their view, the lovers perfectly complement each other. Followers believe that to be attractive the singer is helping the chosen one, because the ratio of male to female depends how it will look. Commentators once wrote that next to the chosen performer just glows with happiness, which is transmitted even in the photos.

      “Beautiful, happy for you that rest comfortable, my dear!”, “Let your face will always Shine a smile. And may the love your husband lives forever,” “Thank you for your example! You are a Paragon of beauty and femininity! Atomic energy! Thanks for your rays and the warm love of all who need it is sometimes vital! You and your husband well done,” – expressed his opinion of the fans.