Жители Переделкино приходят в себя после самоубийства художницы в прямом эфире Neighbors 24-year-old artist shocked by what happened. Asel kondra hanged himself last Saturday. Her body was found a couple from another floor, waking up in the morning and looked out the window.

Extravagant artist Asel kondra committed suicide on Saturday. The last moments of life, the girl is captured on video. In the microblog of the deceased has a video where she wraps his neck with a red rope, and on the Board writes a marker the word “Sorry” in English.

Journalists managed to find out that Condra lived in an apartment house in Peredelkino 2014. As said neighbors, 24-year-old artist has often been nocturnal, and they complained about the noise. Early Saturday morning the couple saw that the window hanging someone’s feet. The woman got up to feed the baby and noticed the girl’s body. She awakened her husband. As they say eyewitnesses, some time, she was still breathing, but to free her from the noose failed. According to some sources, the deceased was hung outside the window for almost 6.5 hours. The neighbors asked for psychological help after seeing.

How did you find the police after opening the home girls, she left a letter in which explained that he was worried about breaking up with a guy. According to friends, Asel differed non-standard behavior. It consisted on the account at the psychiatrist, and in April he received treatment at a specialized facility. Earlier the girl already tried to commit suicide. She was diagnosed with “bipolar disorder”. In this disease calm alternated with periods of greater activity and moments of depression.

By the way, just 10 days ago kondra celebrated the 24th anniversary. “Celebrate my birthday in transit, the route Munich – Warsaw. Thank you all for the congratulations,” wrote the girl in the social network.

According to some, the artist abused illicit drugs from which she had serious problems. According to residents, sometimes they heard cries for help.

“She was screaming that she was hurt and scared. At first we wanted to call the police, but decided to knock. Was opened by a man. Asel was in a strange state with unnaturally wide pupils”, – told the neighbors, the journalists of “Moskovskiy Komsomolets”.

Close noted that during the life of the artist was a very bright man, and therefore chose this method to kill himself.