Антон Привольнов развелся с женой после 10 лет брака The presenter and his ex-wife now live in different cities. Anton Privolnov and his ex-fiancee managed to maintain good relations for the sake of the son. A man regularly seen with a child, engaged in his upbringing and takes in travel.
Антон Привольнов развелся с женой после 10 лет брака

Problems in the family leading a test purchase on the “First channel” began about six months ago. Perhaps feeling did not survive the test of distance: last year, Olga was transferred to work in St. Petersburg, she went there with the son – 9-year-old Plato. Anton remained in Moscow and flew to the family for the weekend. However, in may the couple filed for divorce, they divorced on 6 June.

“Yes, Anton and Olga more do not together – confirmed “StarHit” the fact of the breakup, friends of the couple. But they have kept a good relationship, because they have a teenage child”.

Privolnov tries to make sure his divorce has not affected the Plato. He often takes him to Moscow. Father and son travel a lot together, in the middle of June I managed to visit in Sochi and is now resting in Spain. Also, the presenter gave the heir of the dog breed parson Russell Terrier named Collado, with whom he loves to play and walk.

In a recent interview with “StarHit” Plato admitted that longs for the Pope: “every day We talk on the phone. Tell him where you were. Sometimes say, “I’m bored!” – if long time no see. When found, did not leave for a minute. Today here in the gym was, and then had a snack on the run…”

The presenter does not advertise personal life, his blog is full of photos from the set of “Control purchase” and frames with a colleague Natalia Semenikhina. Perhaps Privolnov decided to take a break or just do not want to publicize changes in status.