Злопыхатели Виктории Бони обвинили ее мужа в измене Haters suggested that Alex Smerfit has a mistress. Recently, the star rarely shares of the joint staff with the civil spouse. In this regard, its followers believe that the businessman found himself a new girl.

      Victoria Bonia is one of the most popular stars of “Instagram”. A former participant of “House-2” also has a Youtube channel where she shows how by a gym and give lessons on makeup and teaches women to behave in relationships with men. However, according to rumors, soon help is useful to her.

      Followers suspect that Bonnie had problems with her boyfriend. The young woman have not put the pictures with Alex Smerfit that aroused the suspicion of subscribers. Some haters believe that the misunderstanding in the couple arose from the model of Taylor Howard.

      Active users of social networks noticed that a girl like Victoria figure and hairstyle. Some time ago Alex and the young beauty has footage from the island of Saint barthélemy in the Caribbean. His followers believe that the trip of the businessman was in company with Taylor.

      Victoria herself is in Moscow, where he arrived for work. Some fans who closely follow the updates in the microblog star, I have noticed that she looks a bit tense on new photographs. “Sad you’ve become, something happened!”, “I was formerly much prettier”, “just another cost,” wrote a follower.

      By the way, some believe that bright blond Boni suggests that the personal life of the stars has undergone dramatic changes. Typically, a woman often goes to the beauty salon for a makeover, when she had difficulties in relationships with men.

      Earlier, Victoria had already explained that the lack of joint photographs with spouse in her microblog does not mean anything. According to the leader, she prefers not to advertise the relationship in the family.

      “The fact that my husband walked away from the “Instagram”, does not mean that he departed from my life too. A photo for you. But I want to remind you that we prefer to keep our happiness in silence. Away from your eyes,” wrote Victoria.