Vladimir Putin struck vocal

Владимир Путин поразил вокальными данными The President of Russia noted student day, along with the students. The President met with talented young people who are studying at MSU. The company of Vladimir Putin to the rector of the University Viktor Sadovnichy.

      On 25 January the President of Russia Vladimir Putin met with students of Moscow state University. The head of state talked with young people in an informal setting. The event, held within the walls leading University of the country, Mr Putin spoke about the importance of the construction crew and remembered how he once participated in such work. “I received the certificate of the carpenter of the fourth category, and proud of it”, – said Putin.

      In recognition of Vladimir Putin, to work in teams at times was not easy. “When I went the first time to the construction team, I was already a master of sports in Sambo; I thought I was healthy. But we worked there for 12-15 hours, and it turned out that the ability to work in a team and so many require a special hardening… During such activities produces a feeling of fellowship, good sense of teamwork,” – said the President.

      In turn, the students shared with the President their experiences of work in construction crews. The President also reminded the students about the importance of education and spoke about the love for the Motherland.

      “There is nothing that so closely connects man with the earth as the place where you were born, grew up, where you speak the native language. Even if I have such friends, people close to me who speak a foreign language, as a mother, it’s still not the same. This does not mean that we should close, like in a cocoon. On the contrary, we must be open to all the world. Education is the sphere of activity, which gives this great opportunity to be open, to choose for themselves the best and to achieve the best results,” – said the head of state.

      Knowing the fascination with Putin’s judo students gave him a black belt and was invited to come to the master class. The President said that will do it, if you find the time.

      At the end of the meeting the young people sang Vladimir Putin song “14 minutes before the start” – one of the most popular Soviet songs of the 60-ies. Over the music she was working Oscar Feltsman, and verses, familiar to millions of Russians, wrote Vladimir Voinovich.

      The student, who decided to speak to the head of state was a little nervous because I forgot the words. Vladimir Putin is not confused and people supported him. The President reminded the beloved text of songs, then began to sing with a young man. A video that captures the moment instantly went viral.

      Previously, students were congratulated by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. He reminded that the College years are a crucial stage in the life of every person. “And, of course, is a time for fun, entertainment, friends and love”, – noted Dmitry Medvedev in one of his social networks.