The husband of Pelagia reminded of the first family

Муж Пелагеи вспомнил о первой семье Ivan Telegin has started to help the former civil wife. How to tell ex-fiancee hockey player Yevgeny Nour, now he’s giving financial support to it, but still not interested in the life of his son Mark.
Муж Пелагеи вспомнил о первой семье

Year ago 25-year-old hockey player of Russian national team Ivan Telegin married 30-year-old singer Pelageya. Fans of the actress then were divided: one happy new family, others criticized Pelagia for what she has ruined previous relationships Telegin. After all, just three months before the wedding Ivan was born the son of mark, his mother – the ex-girlfriend of athlete, model Eugene Nour. Long time hockey player did not support the child, but recently changed his attitude to the first family.

Pelagia took the beloved of the family

“He’s moving the money, began to help, says “StarHit” Eugene. – I have not filed for child support, do not want scandals, abuse. Glad that there is. Although I understand: the sum could be much higher. I’m alone, baby, all day with mark, trying to save myself, so my baby was the best. In the near future, as soon as I find a good babysitter, I plan to get back to work”.
Муж Пелагеи вспомнил о первой семье

However, interested in the life of the son of God never began. While all the time he spends next to Pelageya and their 4-month-old daughter Taisiya. To raise the baby pair helps the mother of the singer.

“Ivan even asked how the boy is growing, changing, what his first achievements – continues to Eugene. – The last time we corresponded about six months ago. But mark is so similar to his father: not only that one person, he is also for his age is very high. Very soon you will begin to speak, to ask… don’t know how to explain to him that daddy has gone to another family abandoned him. I do not exclude that after some time he will understand how he need a son.”