The husband of Galina Yudashkina prepares her for childbirth

Муж Галины Юдашкиной готовит ее к родам Before the birth of the grandson of the world famous fashion designer a few days left. A young couple spends together, enjoying every minute. We already know that Galina and Peter’s a boy, they called him.

      Муж Галины Юдашкиной готовит ее к родам

      Pregnant daughter of a famous fashion designer is now in the USA because he decided to have the baby there. Happy event in the family Yudashkina will happen a few days ago: to the girl who is in last stage of pregnancy, came her husband, the grandson of people’s artist Lyudmila Maksakova Peter. Earlier the girl said to give birth with her will go her beloved husband, in order to facilitate the long-awaited appearance of the baby born. So, as you might guess, the appearance of the grandson of the world famous couturier will happen very soon.

      “Finally arrived favorite. Now waiting for a miracle, believe every days,” wrote Galina in his microblog. Fans of Yudashkina expressed the girl joy from such a good news. “Waiting with you”, “thank you baby”, “the Most exciting ahead”, “Happy”, “Remember every moment,” wrote the granddaughter of the famous fashion designer.

      Previously Galina carefully planned the process of giving birth. She wants to see my husband near me during labor, but when the boy (the sex and name of baby is known, he will be called Anatoly) will be born, she asks to leave her alone with your child. “I think it’s such an intimate moment that a man see nothing”, – admitted Galina. She also made a strong statement that he wants to do without an epidural. Act more than brave, because this method of reducing pain in childbirth, millions of women around the world.

      Муж Галины Юдашкиной готовит ее к родам

      However, among the followers of Galina were those who started out in the comments, why she gives birth in the USA and not in Russia. All speculation dispelled mom husband Umaskini Catherine Dobrynin. According to her, the family of Peter is closely connected with America thanks to the friends from abroad and other relations with that country. Catherine’s father had dual citizenship and was Ambassador to the United States a few decades, therefore Dobrynin has lived there long enough. Her son Peter is also a dual citizenship. “When I gave birth, I was in Washington and, according to the law of America, got dual citizenship for my son. Therefore, it was decided that my grandson was a dual citizen, like his father. This has nothing to do with patriotism!”, – wrote mother-in-law Galina Yudashkina.

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