Муж Алены Апиной обвинил ее в предательстве после развода The star candidly explained why the marriage with Alexander collapsed. Alena Apina divorced spouse in the second half of last year. The woman believes that their relationship has outlived its usefulness. She publicly announced the break with the lover, which caused him discontent.

      Singer Alena Apina and producer Alexander Iratov had been married 25 years and celebrated the silver wedding. Many considered spouses one of the strongest pairs of show business, but the Union collapsed in the end of 2016. The singer admitted on the social network that they decided to disperse, but continue to chat for a daughter, 14-year-old Xenia.

      As told to Alain, she and her husband were different people, and, more recently, the artist has increasingly started to catch myself thinking that its annoying some points in their relationship. At times, the singer could not perform the request of the spouse ,as focused at work, which was much more important.

      “Biologically it was over, I felt it. And wear, as in the mausoleum of the “corpse” that was once love, is not ready. Love is such thing that needs work from both sides. When one side constantly waiting for something and acts only as a recipient, an observer and pointer, doesn’t work, then fold up some other scheme. It would seem that 25 years have passed, nothing else can happen… And that’s what happened,” admitted Allen.

      The star of the 90s did not hide the fact that they broke up with Alexander, and wrote a Frank post on the social network, which caused a wide resonance. All the journalists were trying to figure out what caused the collapse of the marriage of a star, and her phone was ringing off the hook. Apina was nervous and was afraid that this whole situation will affect the psyche of the daughter. Alena Apina about divorce: “I’m Afraid that it will affect the child”

      Alexander did not understand the deed’s ex-wife. He was unhappy that the singer gave the public the problems in their family.

      “Sasha is now terribly mad at me or something, considers it a betrayal that I decided to divorce, and even made a public statement. But if I didn’t do it, then what would it be? Some kind of game. Especially to tie up loose ends, to understand themselves and us. We still talk, but he said that melodramatic snot in the spirit of “we can still be friends” happen only in movies. I human heard,” said Apina.

      After the separation from her husband, the artist sold the most ambitious plans. Alena released the song “Intimacy” written on his words, which is strikingly different from other compositions of the artist. And after some time the star took a provocative video where appeared in racy outfits and lingerie. Apina is very optimistic, as it believes that its waiting for positive changes in the future.

      Alena Apina was justified for the “naked ass

      “With divorce in mind the space for something more important needed. And alone I was not afraid. I’m naturally introverted, if you do not stay with myself for some time, then I get desperate, I’m uncomfortable. And in my job, you’ll never be lonely, because constant communication, some new acquaintances that will never let you fully realize the negative side of loneliness,” explained Alain in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.