Анна Шульгина «соревнуется» с Ольгой Бузовой The singer did a cover version of the hit TV presenter. Anna Shulgin shared his creativity in the blog and also suggested Olga Buzova a new version of the song “the sounds of kissing.” The fans were delighted with the kind of look daughter, Valeria, on the known composition.

      Daughter of singer Valeria Anna Shulgin decided to please their fans an unexpected surprise. She performed the hit Olga Buzova “the sounds of kissing.” It is located near the piano, played the melody of popular songs and sang a little snippet of the song. The creativity Anna recorded on camera and shared with the fans. Also, she told about the impressions and even gave me some recommendations that can take advantage of Olga Buzova.

      “Don’t take it seriously my self-indulgence. Some of you in the comments asked me to sing “the sounds of kissing.” Honestly, a song previously heard only a couple of times. But I think that Olga Buzova need to think about the slow version of this song. Comes like a lullaby,” wrote Anna.

      Fans were pleasantly surprised at how Shulgin was able to interpret the hit Olga Buzova – to pick up a tune on a musical instrument and to convey the lyrics with other intonations and accents. They admired the talent daughter, Valeria. “I want to listen and listen to this performance! Thank you!” “Annie, it’s very beautiful,” “Anna, you’re generally cool. Direct super cool” “This option with a voice ready to listen,” wrote the loyal fans of Anna and was asked to make more versions of other popular songs of her colleagues.

      Anna admitted that he often listens to the words of fans and takes into account constructive criticism of followers. It is with respect to the view and taste of other people, and therefore sees nothing wrong in the fact that someone may not like her work and lifestyle. Shulgin is trying to go his own way and do not adjust to audience preferences. Anna Shulgin spoke about the incident with Mara Baghdasaryan

      “First and foremost, I am against copying. There are artists who inspire me with their attitude to work, thinking. This foreign stars, for example, I really like Rihanna. I have read and watched many of her interviews and began to adore after a Frank conversation with the great Oprah Winfrey. Mom for me is also a vivid example, but in this case I have a double feeling. When you grow up with that person, then don’t end up realize and perceive it somewhat differently. I’m at mom’s learned a lot, took all the good things and then go their own way,” admitted Shulgin in conversation with “StarHit”.