The humiliating word “decree”: Rita Dakota needed the help of a psychologist

Унизительное слово «декрет»: Рите Дакоте потребовалась помощь психолога
A young mother spoke about her panic.

Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky

Rita Dakota confessed that during pregnancy visited a psychologist. The actress was not afraid of childbirth, as you might expect, and following the birth of a child maternity leave. “I remember what a panic I was plunged by the thought of the terrible derogatory word “decree”. About how suddenly I become unclaimed, uninteresting, ugly, unsuccessful, class and any different with the prefix “not”. It seemed to me, in the decree sit only idlers yeah kept, wimps and women not cool enough, as cool definitely need to know how to get out, to catch everything at once: to work in full pace, and the baby with one hand to swing, to educate and to develop. Frankly, I’m with this problem even in therapy, worked hard, difficult, long and painful!” — shares memories of Rita. The Dakota has compiled a list of the contenders for the role of a babysitter and a huge number of cases scheduled for the first time after the birth of a child. In order to avoid post-Natal depression, the singer had intended to leave the child at home with the assistants and to maintain its relevance almost immediately after discharge from the hospital.

But, after the birth of MIA, Rita took all fears. Maternity leave was not afraid of torture, and the most beautiful period of life. Only now she realized that she was worked up over nothing, because the decree is not forgotten, and the best that can happen to a woman.

“The decree is not about suffering, but about the awesome adventure that you can either miss and give the nanny/nursery/someone else, or to live, with a full immersion! says Rita. — I think that the decree is an amazing thing. The time at which a woman becomes a real woman. The time that you really dedicate yourself to analyze yourself, live the desired feelings and emotions, learn, emotionelle develop spiritually without noticing it themselves. I have many recipes for “how not to sink in depression” and I’ll write a separate post about it, if you ask, but in this post main thought of the work you will have life, and children young for very long!”