Человеческий «Кен» может лишиться носа

To improve, the main thing – time to stop. Rodrigo Alves, or as it is called, human “Ken” may lose his nose because of the huge number of plastic surgeries.

As told to UsMagazine Dr. Paul Nazif, a dangerous infection called MRSA (Staphylococcus aureus) trapped in the body of Roderigo in the course of surgical operations, called “one of the worst results and complications” in his nose, which saw the surgeon for his many years of practice.
“My nose was fine until this last rhinoplasty,” says Alves. — “None of my friends never had this problem. I was just unlucky. So I keep asking myself: “Why me?”.
In February of this year the British celebrity moved his 51st operation and now due to complications biting his elbows.
His public statement Rodrigo wants to warn others and inform them about the risks of plastic surgery.