Блэк Чайна требует запрет на приближение Роба Кардашьяна

After the scandal with the Nude photos of black China, published on the page of Robert Kardashian in the social network, the model requires a tro and accuses the father of her daughter, Renee dream in domestic violence.

Recall that at the end of last week, a scandal erupted: Rob caught the mother of his child cheating. After he bought her jewelry valued at a quarter of a million dollars, she brought to their marriage bed lover. The latter, incidentally, did not hesitate to apply for financial assistance to — to Rob. Stunned from such developments Kardashian has published on his page in Instagram photo Nude black who promised him a night of love in the caption to the intimate photos. The social network does not allow such liberties, and therefore had to be the star of the TV show “Life with the Kardashians” to pour out his heart on Twitter.
There he told many interesting things about his beloved. For example, the fact that she had plastic surgery to quickly get in shape. China often boasted that quickly lost the extra pounds, working out strenuously and advertising different kinds of products, and now it is a heinous deception is revealed. In addition, Rob also called the mother of his daughter a drug addict and said he would not allow this person to touch their daughter, and even more, to be alone with her.
In an interview with “Good Morning America” black told how upset about what happened.
“Of course, I was devastated. I could not believe that someone close, someone whom I unconditionally trust may publish my Nude pictures. I just felt so betrayed.. I thought he was sweet and caring man. From the first meeting I felt in him a kindred spirit, a friend who never asked too many questions and not judge me. This attracted him the most. I knew that no matter what happens, he will have my support. How wrong I was!” — complains China.
Her lawyer, Lisa bloom, the same that represented the interests of the actress Misha Barton, when an ex-boyfriend blackmailed her homemade porn videos, threatened Kardashian legal consequences of his misconduct.
“Mr. Kardashian, you now know: revenge porn is illegal. Cyberbullying your ex is harassment. China ended your relationship a few months ago, and she has the right to live their choice to work how she wants, dress how she wants, and be intimate with those whom she chooses “, — she wrote in a statement published on Friday.
“We and China both believe that this is an important question about the rights of women because too many women and girls were deceived by their former lovers and humiliated in this way” — said the lawyer and said that soon they will ban the coming. How two parents will try to arrange it without causing inconvenience to his daughter, only time will tell.