The house of Hermione Granger for sale

Дом Гермионы Грейнджер выставлен на продажу

If you are a fan of Harry Potter and are in the pocket of ten million pounds, then we have the perfect Christmas gift. London is the home of the parents of Hermione Granger – the heroine of the cycle of stories about the wizard Harry Potter(played by Emma Watson), and this Monday he was put up for sale. This house is mentioned in the book “Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows” as a place in which I grew up, the wise witch of a girlfriend of the protagonist. The owners want to sell it for 2.4 million pounds sterling.

Дом Гермионы Грейнджер выставлен на продажу
Of course, unlike the Wizarding world, the house is sold without the magical attributes (unfortunately), but a new owner will appear three-storey house with six bedrooms and a beautiful garden with views of meadows and forests.

Many neighbors didn’t even know that this is the house which describes his creation by JK Rowling.
Recall that recently put up for sale and house in the town of Bracknell, which fans of Harry Potter know as “the house of Harry Potter on Privet drive, where lived an uncle and aunt of lyrical. Its price, in contrast to the “house Hermione,” didn’t bite – only some 475 thousand pounds. Rumor has it that for this property the price is a bit high, and this is due to the fact that the adventures of Harry started from this place.