Sherlock: announced the names of the new series fourth season

Шерлок: оглашены названия новых серий четвертого сезона

From 23 to 25 September in London hosted the Convention, called Sherlocked, dedicated to the beloved by millions the TV series “Sherlock”.

Participation in the Convention adopted starring Benedict Cumberbatch. The actor has shared some details of the coming season, and also announced the name of two new episodes, The Six Thatchers (Six Thatcher) and The Lying Detective (False detective).

Note that the plot of the new series is a closely guarded secret. However, some information still leaked. The main antagonist of the Holmes – Moriarty may be alive.

By the way, the team of “Sherlock” has joined the table, we could already see in “Titanic”, “the hunger games”, “snow white and the huntsman” — Toby Jones.

The actor himself admitted that excited and intrigued by the new role, but details like everyone else involved in the creation of the show, not tell.

Nelas be noted that superficially, Jones has shared the type with Andrew Scott – actor who played “nightmare” of Holmes.

Hence the conclusion: maybe Toby will embody on the screen an image of the brother of Moriarty, of his father or a copycat? What are your guesses on this?