Героини Elle на телеканале «Домашний»

20 women. 20 role models. 20 stories of the dizzying success – in the special “Heroine of our times”, 19 March at 23:00 on channel “Home”.

They are able to drive mad any man, and with their army of loyal fans, it was easy to conquer the whole world. But what obstacles stood in their way to the stellar Olympus? Where did they get inspiration? What caused them to move forward and not give up even in the most difficult times? And why they Shine on the pages of the legendary women’s glossy?

In the documentary project “Home” and ELLE “the Heroine of our time”: Alsu, Christina Orbakajte, Marina Aleksandrova, Natalya Chistyakova-Ionova, Yana Rudkovskaya, Valeria and many others – will speak openly about himself, his career and, of course, love.

In April of this year will be exactly 20 years since the release of the first issue of Russian ELLE. On account of the journal – two decades at the forefront of the world of fashion and beauty. During this time, the ELLE team has published a candid interview with the founders of the major fashion houses, the most popular actors and musicians, meticulously chosen the most worthy beauty products, first do reports from the main fashion events. Behind the wording of thousands of articles, photo shootings and sleepless nights before the delivery of the next issue and, as a result, millions of fans across the country.

Elena Sotnikova, chief editor, ELLE: “We can confidently say that since its launch in 1996 to the present day Russian ELLE has seriously affected the lives of modern women in our country and in many ways shaped her. The heroine ELLE during this time became the brightest Russian stars. In a special project on the TV channel “Home” we will see 20 real life stories of 20 women special”.

Lika Blank, General Director of “Home”: “ELLE was the first to bring the notion of gloss in Russia. “Home”, in turn, became a pioneer in the niche of women’s thematic channels. Both projects have become innovative in their own environment, expanded horizons, and gave each girl what she needs. So we decided to join forces and prepared for telezritelei joint special project – a documentary series about the lives of stars “Heroine of our time.”

Secrets of life behind the scenes, exclusive interviews and confessions of the stars – March 19, Saturdays and Sundays at 23:00 at “Home”.

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