Избитая сотрудница элитного ателье готовится к суду Yuliya Zelenskaya is not the only victim of the ill-fated Studio. The lawyer of the hackneyed girl shared with “Stricom” the information about what awaits his client.

      Избитая сотрудница элитного ателье готовится к суду

      Sofia Studio “MasterCut” is popular among the stars of Russian show business. Its services are used by celebrities such as Sergey Shnurov, Xenia Sobchak, Alexander Revva, Katya LEL, Evelina Bledans and many others. Recently, however, the General public has become famous and the reverse side of the brilliant results of the family business Antonio Palacios-Fernandez.

      An employee of elite institutions Yuliya Zelenskaya, who worked in the position of PR-Director of the workshop, has published on his page in “Facebook” shocking footage of it shows it beating caused by the co-owner of “MasterCut” Antonio. Later in the Internet appeared the video, where Palacios-Fernandez rudely pulls the girl down the stairs and pushes toward the exit. According to Julia, the aggression of men was due to her request to pay her the promised salary in day of dismissal.

      The story of the beating provoked in society a wide resonance. However, in a surprising way business about beating Zelensky was actually jammed. In this regard, the lawyer Yulia Savva Kharitonov appealed to the Prosecutor.

      “When we were approached by Julia, she was actually a refusal about initiation of criminal case. This refusal has been given, appealed to the Prosecutor’s office, and now check materials are in the Department of inquiry of the municipal Department of internal Affairs on the Central administrative DISTRICT of Moscow city, until Monday, we expect a decision on these materials check – criminal prosecution. In this case, we will support the investigation and to protect the interests of Yulia in court.”

      Избитая сотрудница элитного ателье готовится к суду

      According to the lawyer Zelensky, Antonio the offender can be charged under article 115 of the Criminal Code “Infliction of harm”. It should be noted that Julia is not the only the injured employee ill-fated Studio.

      “We advise more than 15 employees who have suffered from the same company, and Julia – continues Kharitonov. – Each of the girls has their own story, but they share one thing – they connected with the workshop of classic costumes, in different periods of time worked there. All girls believe that their rights have been violated. Labor, ethical norms, almost all without pay. According to them, violations were systematic. Victims served by the Labour Inspectorate and the Prosecutor’s office complaints against his former employer”.

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