Никиту Джигурду пригласили стать новым ведущим «Ревизорро» The flamboyant actor may take over the project instead of Helena Fly. The creators of the show are confident, charismatic Nikita Dzhigurda add in “Revizorro” bright colors.

      Никиту Джигурду пригласили стать новым ведущим «Ревизорро»

      In March begins shooting a new season of a favorite throughout the country the program “Revizorro”. The main change that awaits the audience, is that in the program they will never see your favorite TV host Elena Volatile. I would like to get many famous and interesting personalities. However, the creators of the show decided to deal with unscrupulous restaurateurs and hoteliers have a brutal man to whom they will actually tremble.

      “Male season “Revizorro” must be absolutely independent project. We thought long and hard who could successfully fit into the project, making it even brighter and sharper, and not get lost behind the popularity of the format. Nikita Borisovich Dzhigurda could become the new star of the program, he has a great charisma, and it certainly will be afraid to beat the restaurateurs,” says “StarHit” producer of the crew.

      It should be noted that the reasons for changing the flagship show of the channel guide still says nothing. However earlier in a press there was an information that Elena volatile may be in an interesting position. In this case it would be uncomfortable to travel around the cities to ascertain the quality of services provided to citizens and hotels and caterers.

      We will remind, well-known TV presenter does not hide that would like to get posterity. “In 25 years I believed I was not ready to become a wife and mother, because at that time I would be a bad wife and mother. I had other goals. Still, maybe the next person was not quite the same. In any case everything must happen on time and consciously, – confessed Elena Volatile in an interview with reporters. Only recently I began to feel that he would like to have a baby – there are women’s maturity, maybe.”

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