The guitarist of The Rolling Stones was diagnosed with lung cancer

У гитариста The Rolling Stones диагностировали рак легких Ronnie wood talked about the struggle with a serious illness. The musician survived the surgery, which helped to stop the spread of the tumor. Throughout the treatment period, the man supported spouse.

Ronnie wood made fans pretty worried. In a recent interview with 70-year-old musician said that faced with a terrible diagnosis. During a routine examination, he was diagnosed with lung cancer at an early stage of development. Because the disease had time to affect the adjacent organs, it was decided to hold an immediate operation.

“A week after surgery I didn’t know what was going on with my body. Of course, I was ready for bad news, but deep down believed that the operation will help”, – shared memories of the actor.

Guitarist of the iconic rock group had already decided that in case of negative outcome he will not expose the body to the effect of chemotherapy. The man admitted that would not like to lose your hair and to maintain the illusion of life with medication.

Ronnie wood did not specifically mention the disease, since she did not want to bother friends and fans. Throughout the period of treatment is about the terrible diagnosis was known only to his wife Sally. The young woman had a spouse and all the time was near.

“Sally was just amazing! She was not discouraged, tried to cheer me, while we were in limbo. When the doctors said that tumor growth could be established, the wife was relieved. She later said it was the worst seven days of her life,” said Ronnie wood.

Now the musician is recuperating after treatment. It needs to undergo a medical examination every three months in order to detect possible relapse. Wood admitted that he smoked throughout his life and give up bad habits only last year. Like the time Ronnie’s wife gave birth to twin girls, and the artist came to the conclusion that tobacco smoke can adversely affect their health.

According to fans, it is a long exposure to tobacco smoke has led to the fact that the guitarist of The Rolling Stones was diagnosed with cancer. Fans wished the idol of longevity and physical strength to deal with the possible consequences of the disease.

In an interview with The Daily Mail Ronnie wood said that to stop the progression of the disease was possible only because of timely treatment to the doctor. The musician urged fans not to ignore routine exams, since they sometimes affect the lives and health.