У группы "Отпетые мошенники" возник конфликт с экс-солистом
In the 90 years of the last century a group of “dirty rotten scoundrels” was one of the most popular and had a huge army of fans.

У группы "Отпетые мошенники" возник конфликт с экс-солистом

Two years ago, the soloist of group Andrey Repnikov was in a terrible accident, and then for two weeks in a coma. Recently a man reported that he had a conflict with other members of the team, and he said that the band almost broke up.

У группы "Отпетые мошенники" возник конфликт с экс-солистом

“I denounce those who in the tank – group “inveterate Swindlers” did not already exist, they have a conflict with outgoing party Andrey Repnikov. They take it back to the group is not allowed, although he had already more or less recovered after the accident. Repnikov the author of almost all of their hits, so the group finally dead, they have no money, no producer and the whole team went to pieces. At the moment, “dirty rotten scoundrels” tour, the Duo for a little penny money, they will never be new songs and clips, they are old bankrupt artists,” wrote on the personal page in the social network Repnikov.

Participants of group “inveterate swindlers” waive any comments.

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