Поклонники уверены в разводе Дарьи Мороз
Daria Moroz and Konstantin Bogomolov are married for eight years, and they have a daughter Anna, born in 2010-m to year.

Поклонники уверены в разводе Дарьи Мороз

Recently the Network stopped showing pictures of the couple that gave rise to rumors about problems in their relationship. Daria and Konstantin refuse to comment on this issue.

Поклонники уверены в разводе Дарьи Мороз

“The rumors about their divorce go before last fall. There passion has long gone. Bogomolov goes for long business trips. Works both in Russia and in Europe. Dasha complained to friends that his career comes first. They most likely don’t live together. Moving in and out of theater are always separated. Did officially divorce – no one knows. But because they have such a more point: they have a daughter who just loves Bogomolov,” said the insider.

It is worth noting that the couple got married in 2010. They met through work, when Daria came to the casting in the play, the Director who was the mantid.

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