Жених Кайли Миноуг рассказал о сексе со своей невестой
The young actor revealed details of his relationship with his beloved.

Kylie Minogue and Joshua Sasse

Photo: Splash News/East news

In an interview with Australian news site News.com.au, young actor Joshua Sasse revealed details of his love life
with Kylie Minogue.

28-year-old case admitted that he has repeatedly asked the question: how come
he fell in love with Kylie, who over his 20 years? “It’s hard to explain. I
don’t chose who you love. It just happened! I love her and
everything!” — said the actor. “Of course, she’s got a past, and I wasn’t born yesterday. And
this, of course, creates certain difficulties in our relationship. But we both try to focus on the good…” — said Joshua.

“For me to be in love means to feel what I do
live. And my girlfriend helps me to feel it every day I love Kylie, and for
I love it all: the magic, inspiration and sex. And if I had
last day on Earth, would rather spend it all with Kylie —
naked doing love to her in nature…” — said Sasse.

Love story of Joshua and Kylie began last fall, when they both
starred in the musical Comedy series “Galavant”. And five months later they
officially announced their engagement. According to sources close to Kylie, lovers
going to get married this year.

In the past, Minogue has managed to twist
novels with a considerable number of gentlemen, among whom were Michael Hutchence, lenny Kravitz,
Jean-Claude van Damme, Olivier Martinez and Andres Velencoso, which, incidentally, was also
much younger than Kylie. However, married the singer was not yet
once. However, and to Joshua, this will be his first marriage, although Sasse growing up
three-year-old son from his ex-girlfriend, Italian actress Francesca Cini.

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