Жених спас бизнес Пиппы Миддлтон от банкротства

And the groom snapped off and business with him restored.

The younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge Pippa Middleton will soon be a married lady. In July of this year 33-year-old relative of the monarch made an offer of marriage, which she with great joy accepted.

Beloved Philippi (real girl’s name) James Matthews proved the seriousness of its intentions to link the fates from Middleton and gave her a ring of impressive size.

But not only the ring can be considered as an engagement gift for Pippa from the groom-billionaire. Matthews demonstrated that he is ready to sort out any concerns my future wife, such as the collapse of the business.

The company’s revenues PMX Enterpises, which specializiruetsya on the publishing activities, the founder and which Director is the youngest Middleton, the last year has fallen to a critical level.

In the first year of existence of the business he brought her more than 200 thousand pounds, for the last year — a paltry 50 thousand, and of this amount, the younger Middleton still had to pay interest on the loan, which she took on the “promotion” of their business. But now with the help of his fiancé Pippa has managed to settle all their problems.

Not to mention that the offer of marriage was held for the Middleton and her business at the right time.

By the way, in the highest circles she was known as “hunter of aristocrats and almost married one of them – George Percy. It is unclear why, but the couple stopped, and Middleton almost desperate to find her Prince. Continued their search for the sister Kate’s untitled among mere mortals, however, the pocket which should be filled with at least several million. Then on the way Pippa and met Matthews…