Анастасия Волочкова в комедийном спектакле сыграет танцовщицу, не блещущую умом

Anastasia continues to make its way to theatrical party in the new season with new forces ready to play the interesting performances and productions.

One of these will be staged the play by Garson Canine “Newborn”, where the dancer will appear to us as extremely ignorant artist of the variety show.

The events of the play unfold in Washington. on-the-go play with each other face millionaire, journalist, Senator and very attractive, but obviously not sparkling mind of the dancer. Fearing for his reputation of her lover on the play by Russian millionaire hires for her teacher and teacher of fine manners. But instead to instill in the student some knowledge, the mentor forgets everything he knew and even crosses the boundaries of pedagogical ethics.

The premiere of “Newborn” to direct which is Andrey Feofanov, will be held on November 14 in the “Variety Theatre”.

“She hasn’t been seen before in such a role, it’ll be fun, you have no idea how. She wanted to play in the drama, but I rejected this idea, the Comedy will be of interest to people, and romance is useless. I think Anastasia can handle her, we talked for a long time, understands the role,” — commented on the participation Volochkova in the performance of the Director.

Yesterday, Anastasia was criticized for painting of Nicholas II.