Подружка принца Уильяма родила ребенка!
Obshestvennosti wondering who the father of the newborn.

Подружка принца Уильяма родила ребенка!

Jessica Craig

Prince William

Around the British Royal family once again brewing
scandal. This time his protagonist was Prince William. In case
that old girlfriend of the heir to the throne Jessica Craig, which according to the gossip in the past has been his beloved, as it turned out, some
time ago gave birth to a child. And many in the UK doubt that father
the child became her husband, with whom Craig were married recently…

The strangest thing about this story is that, although the child was born some time ago, his birth was kept secret. In fact, the existence of his son, Jackie Craig (as
call her friends) became known only because of my accidental “post” her husband
in the social network. “Unfortunately, my
spouse are unable to come tonight. She stayed to look after our
little kid…” — posted by Jonathan Bailey, explaining the absence of the wife at an important event. And then to complete
the bewilderment of many, it turned out that the kid Jackie for more than six months!

The fact that the birth of a son, Jackie was so mysterious, it seemed someone suspicious. Some tabloids, like
for example the Internet site Сelebdirtylaundry
and National
even allowed himself to put forward the version that the father of the child can not be
Bailey, himself … and Prince William! But this, of course, just their assumption.

In fact, the Prince knows Gekko for a long time. He met
her when he was only 16 during his trip to Kenya when he
stayed at the house of her father, a landowner well known and active defender of wild
nature. In other words, his meeting with Craig took place long before he
learned Kate Middleton. But even after the meeting with his wife the Prince, as
say, for a long time hesitated whom to choose – Gecko or Kate.

For example, on his 21st birthday in the place of honor
next to him sat exactly Craig, not a Middleton, which is spaced far away
corner. There were persistent rumors that William and I got engaged Jacka. And so
resistant that representatives of the Royal court had to make a formal
denial of this fact. Which, oddly enough, more fueled the rumors.
After all, in the unwritten rule that representatives of the court do not comment on personal
life members of the family of Queen Elizabeth.

But even much later, when Kate was first
bride, and then wife of William, Prince never broke his contact with
Craig. For example, he allowed himself to miss in 2008, is extremely important the wedding
his cousin Peter Phillips in order to fly to Africa for the wedding
brother Jackie. And in 2014, when Kate stayed home with baby George, he is not
invented anything better than to go in the company of Jackie on the hunt in Spain.

And finally, the most persistent gossip has caused a trip
William’s wedding to Jackie, held in April this year. The fact that
the wedding was scheduled for the day, when we celebrated Catholic
Easter. According to tradition, he should spend it with his family, especially
it was the first Easter in the life of little Princess Charlotte. Between
by the way, the Prince, according to the guests of the ceremony, spent the entire wedding reception in
very gloomy mood, from time to time throwing on the bride sad
views. As for the Duchess
Catherine, it, according to gossip, terribly offended by their spouse. And
only their joint voyage to India and Bhutan, which was more like
a romantic journey, allowed us to restore relations Royal

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