В день свадьбы Анна Калашникова приехала в ЗАГС одна
Ex-fiancée of Prokhor Chaliapin posed for photographers in a wedding dress.

Anna Kalashnikova

Photo: Instagram

Yesterday in Moscow was held one of the biggest weddings of this season — the wedding of Prokhor Chaliapin and Anna Kalashnikova. However, a month before the festival, a scandal erupted: it emerged that the father of their young son is not Prokhorov. The singer was not able to forgive the bride of infidelity and called off the wedding.

The girl all this time did not lose hope and almost every day he wrote in his personal blog the sad message of the beloved. Anna also absolutely unexpectedly for all appeared on the show of wedding dresses, where it was reported to correspondent 7days.ru that really misses the house.

it’s sad to look at wedding dresses. But I still hope that we with Prokhorov
make up. I really hope so. I can’t sleep nights, thinking about what happened,
crying, ” said Anna. — On this show we had to come together with Prokhorov.
We are friends with the designer Nadezhda Yusupova. It’s the dress from her collection had to be
for me on my wedding day”

Whether the dress is so fond of the girl, whether it until the last moment, like in the movies, hoping for a miracle, but on the appointed day dressed up Kalashnikov, did wedding makeup and hair, picked up the bouquet and… came to Kutuzovsky registry office! A photo of yourself on the background of the national companies, she has published on the social network and signed the phrase of the ancient Roman playwright Terence: “Love can change a person beyond recognition!”

Meanwhile, Prokhor Shalyapin already appears at social events with a new companion — Yana Grivkovskogo, a bride who died tragically of producer tims brick. Singer and
model have long been familiar, and are in friendly relations. Probably Jan and
Prokhorov decided to support each other during a difficult time for both period of life. However,
among the fans Chaliapin there were those who saw in the appearance of the Yana and Prochorus
romantic subtext.

By the way, over the past week
this is not the first appearance of Jana and Prochorus together. A few days earlier the singer
published another joint picture with the model. “With the wise and luxurious Yana —
my Muse!” — signed the Chaliapin.

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