Подруги Анастасии Костенко открыли правду о ее прошлом The girls told about the beloved Dmitry Tarasov. Guests of the program “live” I tried to figure out what model is caught the player and how sincere feelings arose between them.

      Подруги Анастасии Костенко открыли правду о ее прошлом

      Host of “live” Boris korchevnikov and Studio guests tried to figure out why Dmitry Tarasov broke up with Olga Buzova and so quickly built a new relationship with model Anastasia Kostenko. Attending the filming was divided into two camps: some called her a home wrecker who destroyed the idyll of the athlete and TV presenter, and others believed that the entire situation is to blame only Dmitri.

      Former participants of the reality show “Dom-2” Andrei Chuev and Gleb Zhemchugov, which appeared in the Studio, “Live”, said Olga Buzova very hard underwent a divorce with her husband. But since it is a bright and strong personality, she managed to survive in a difficult situation. According to a former suitor of Marina Afrikantov, TV presenter even made some good publicity after the break with Tarasov.

      “It is now on display trying to call self-pity. Olga not really upset because of the divorce, rather, increases their own popularity,” cynically said Chuev.
      Подруги Анастасии Костенко открыли правду о ее прошлом

      According to the rapper and ex-husband of Olga Wind, Buzova had suffered greatly because of the collapse of family life. “She darted to the side and didn’t know how to behave. What is it about the fact that she dances, sings, writes books and leads an active life in social networks? This does not mean that she is cheating on us, just Olya fills life with bright moments to quickly get distracted and forget,” explained Pearl.

      Caught everyone’s eye appeared in the Studio of photographer Stanislav Zhdanov, who worked on the anniversary of Dmitry Tarasov. The man said that in the evening there was very pleasant atmosphere.

      Dmitry Tarasov celebrated the birthday with a new girl

      “It was very warm and comfortable to work. It’s one thing when the birthday boy requests you take a picture of these with others. They didn’t hide their feelings. It is clear that girls interacted with girls, and boys with boys,” said the photographer.

      Подруги Анастасии Костенко открыли правду о ее прошлом

      Stanislav tried to get away from the slippery topic, which dealt with love Tarasova and Kostenko. To support the model in the Studio of Boris Korchevnikov people came who knew a girl five years ago when she was just beginning a career in the fashion industry.

      Elena and Mikhail Stepura was represented by the Agency, where staff noticed Kostenko after the contest in Salsk “Miss Spring”. “She’s from a large family and accustomed to working hard. Her parents are very decent people. Nastia would never break a family,” said Elena Stepura.

      Looking at the profile of Anastasia, Boris korchevnikov remembered lines from the works of Alexander Pushkin “Eugene Onegin”:

      She was unhurried,
      Not cold, not talkative,
      No insolent gaze for all
      Without pretensions to success,
      Without these little antics,
      Without imitative austere…

      In the opinion of the program host, Anastasia is almost the ideal woman.

      Подруги Анастасии Костенко открыли правду о ее прошлом

      Friend Kostenko, model Anna Sorokina Elena Lobanova came to the Studio and promised to tell the truth. According to them, the “Miss world 2014” very modest, so she would never have been able to encroach on another woman’s man.

      “It seemed to us a very honest, open, sympathetic girl. No greed and stardom in her, I didn’t notice. Even on the day of birth to Tarasov she came in a dress for 2 thousand rubles. And she’s too proud and educated to be a home wrecker,” – said Elena.