Husband of Anna Mikhalkova can be declared bankrupt

Мужа Анны Михалковой могут признать банкротом Albert Tanks involved in the scandal. As have informed in Arbitration court, the leasing company “TransFin-M” was applied, where appears the name of the son-in-law of film Director Nikita Mikhalkov. The details of the case were not disclosed.

      The husband of actress Anna Mikhalkova albert Tanks may lose all funds. According to information taken from the card file of arbitration cases, the leasing company “TransFin-M” filed a lawsuit against the son-in-law of Nikita Mikhalkov. The Corporation requires recognition of the businessman the bankrupt.

      Albert Tanks holds the position of General Director of “Concern “tractor plants”, owned by Mikhail Bolotin. It is also the application was filed by the company “TransFin-M”. The court did not disclose the amount of debt Bolotina and Bakova and does not represent any additional details in the case.

      Presumably, this statement from the “TransFin-M” may adversely affect the operation of the Corporation “tractor plants”. Production activities of the group Bolotina and Bakova represented the five directions. Twenty enterprises located in ten different regions of Russia. The company specializiruetsya for industrial, rail and agricultural machinery.

      Recall that Anna Mikhalkova rarely talks to journalists about the activities of the spouse. Apparently, the Tanks works very hard, so loud premieres, the actress appears without her husband and sons. Anna and albert has experienced difficult times in relations with each other. About 10 years ago the couple, who were raised at that time two children, decided to divorce. After the marriage the heiress of the Director attributed the novel with Alexander Stein. However, the feelings for albert and it gets cold. In 2008, Mikhalkov and Tanks re-signed.

      In 2013, the Anna’s family happened replenishment. Star of theatre and film became a mother of a beautiful girl, Lydia. By the way, her birth was a surprise not only for fans Mikhalkova, but also for her family. Mother of actress Tatiana for a long time did not know that soon they will have a new family member. Anna managed to quickly lose recruited for the pregnancy pounds and get back to work.