The girl stars of “Teacher” Egor Clineva can not come to terms with his death

Девушка звезды «Физрука» Егора Клинаева не может смириться с его смертью Actress Olga Baranova, which met the deceased young artist, sharing touching memories of him. According to the girl, her affair with Egor by Linaewen developed rapidly. A few months later after the tragedy, Olga admitted that it is still difficult to believe what happened.
Девушка звезды «Физрука» Егора Клинаева не может смириться с его смертью

18-year-old star of the TV series “Fizruk” Egor Konaev tragically died on the night of 27 September. The actor stopped to help drivers of cars collided, and he became the victim of a collision. Clineva sudden death was a real blow for his loved ones. Egor starred in the new series “Street”, which premiered a few days after the tragic event. The project also involved his 17-year-old girl Olga Baranova. She recently shared with journalists his memories of Egor.

Before his death, the star of “Teacher” Egor Konaev was in a hurry to the family

According to Olga, her affair with a colleague has developed rapidly. Young people were previously familiar with, but never met. The first meeting Clineva and Baranova was held on the samples of the series “the Street.” Egor was different from other actors. She remembers that he tried to do everything “your way, fun.”

“Egor then told that he came home and told my mom that this girl he never removed (he thought in real life I’m as pathetic as Xenia), and I told my mom that he zazvezdilsya. But still wrote him the next day and wished me luck with the samples. He was surprised and offered to meet. On the same day, introduced me to his parents. The first day of shooting (5 July — my birthday) we were as a couple.” – said Baranov.

About Yegor Linaeve the girl was left only positive memories. The young actor has impressed others with his positive attitude and ability to have fun. Despite the different characters, Egor and Olga were well. Baranova has admitted that the lover had tried to please her attentions.

“Egor — merry-holiday. I’m still more down-to-earth nature. But everything was very harmonious… Walks, surprises, meeting then with my mom. He knew how to surround their attention and genuine concern. It was nice and light. I still don’t want to believe what happened. The first days were just unbearable, and I thought I would never be able to watch the series” — shared the girl.

Earlier Olga Baranova dedicated Yegor Clineva touching Instagram post. The day before the tragedy, the actor was with a girl. Olga promised to elect to spend time with his family.

“Didn’t want to write here, but you burst into my life like a hurricane, and as abruptly left me. Stifled tears. You always helped everybody, and this time, this support has resulted in our grief. Already insanely miss you. Let the earth you rest in peace and I’ll be there with my parents and Vera,” wrote the girl in social networks.

Now Baranova not in a relationship. The girl is often written in the microblog with suggestions to meet it, she rarely responds to fans, writes Peopletalk.

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