The funeral of Vladimir Shainsky is postponed for 15 days

Похороны Владимира Шаинского откладываются как минимум на 15 дней
The widow of the composer talked about the reasons why there was a delay.

Vladimir Shainskiy

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The funeral of Vladimir Shainsky, who retired from
life at the age of 92 years, are deposited. Composer cremated and will be buried after 10 Jan. All related events will be held in San Diego, California, where the composer lived the last ten years.

This was stated by the widow of the composer — Svetlana Shainskaya. “It will be,
probably here, and only after January 10, because now
the holidays, and they must issue a first certificate (death certificate —
ed.), then do the cremation, but all this has to be
working days, and now many are on vacation,” — said Shainskaya
the Agency TASS. Place and date will be determined as well as
of the relevant documents.

About death
the legendary musician who composed dozens of popular children’s songs and
wrote the music for the cartoons, it became known on 27 December 2017. According to Shainskiy, my husband was admitted to hospital on 15
Dec. “We are constantly visited him, sat all day next. 24 Dec
we spent a lot of time together. But he was all those days unconscious. The
last night my daughter and I left very late, and 02:10 the night he died. Us
got a call at five in the morning from the hospital, and we came here,” says

Vladimir Shainsky was born on 12 Dec 1925
in Baku. At the age of 11 and began to study at musical school on a class
violin. However, beginning in 1941, the war interrupted the training Shainsky. It
together with his family evacuated to Tashkent. There he continued his musical
education in the Tashkent Conservatory, where he studied until 1943, when it
called to serve. After the war in 1945 he entered the Moscow Conservatory named after P. I.
Tchaikovsky the orchestral faculty.