Бывший бабник и алкоголик Колин Фаррелл готов начать новую жизнь
The actor exchanged fifth decade

 Бывший бабник и алкоголик Колин Фаррелл готов начать новую жизнь

Colin Farrell

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Colin Farrell, who
today celebrates his 40th birthday, aging is not afraid. On the contrary,
exchanging the fourth decade, he has become wiser and now ready, finally, to live a new life.

Colin, born in Ireland,
had his life in order to do really well. He was close to the ruin, miraculously not drunk, changed
mistresses, and walked away from women who gave birth to his children, was fond of Buddhism and
was thinking to leave the monastery… However, he managed also to make a career by playing
more than four and a half tens films and serials. Colin managed
to work with such famous Directors as Oliver stone, Steven Spielberg and
Joel Schumacher. And for his role in “Lie low in Bruges”, Colin was awarded the “Golden

From the moment he
came from Ireland to Hollywood, Farrell, by his own admission, systematically
“to relieve stress” with alcohol. And in a drunken state and did just that
was getting in fights. As told to Colin, he “came to himself” only when
was born his son James. The boy was born with a severe disease –
syndrome of Angelman. And shocked at the sight of his suffering helped Farrell
to stop.

However, awakened
consciousness did not prevent Colin to throw the mother of James, his girlfriend Kim
Bartenev just two months after the birth of a boy. He did not stay
for a long time in the arms of his other mistress — Alicia Bachleda who gave birth to him
her younger son, Henry. He left her when he was not yet a year old.

Tired of the constant “leapfrog”
with the change of girlfriends, Colin for four years, announced abstinence from sex.
It was just as the Catholic Farrell suddenly decided to change his faith and became
Buddhist. However, now seems to be extreme experiments Colin survived
in the past. Since January of this year he meets the same girl that
for Farrell’s really not too bad. Who is she, haven’t managed
to explore even the most nosy reporters. The only thing that is known about it —
she’s young, beautiful and does not belong to the world of celebrities.

As for career
Farrell, she is also now on the rise. The audience and critics were delighted
from his work in the second season of the super popular TV series “True detective”. And
right now he takes part in the advertising campaign of his new movie
“Lobster”, for which he had to fat by as much as 20 pounds. Ahead
Colin premiere in one of the most anticipated films of the year — the movie “Fantastic beasts
and where they live” — a “spinoff” of the franchise about Harry Potter.

Colin Farrell in the movie “Fantastic beasts and where they live”

Photo: Outnow.ch

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