Елена Летучая хочет усложнить себе жизнь
TV presenter admitted that after the wedding to change the name.

Elena Letuchaya

Photo: Instagram

In full swing preparing for the wedding of Helena and Flying lawyer Yuri
Anashenkov. Before the wedding, the TV presenter has admitted that it intends to change
the name, or rather to take the name of

“My fiancé and I have decided that I will have double
the surname” — said the Volatile. A star not afraid of paperwork
after the wedding, because when you change names you have to change a large number of documents. But Elena is happy because of your groom
she sees the man who must be around who is watching her
one side has shared plans for the future and the same tasks.

Recall that
Elena will marry soon, it became known in February of this year.
Offer hands and hearts Flying received on Valentine’s day — 14
February, which was the main presenter and a surprise gift on the day of all
lovers. That day Yuri got down on one knee, pulled out the inner
pockets the ring and asked her if she would marry him. Elena, of course,
said the coveted “Yes!” “I never
was married, ” says Volatile. — And now I am a happy bride!”

Yuri and Elena are not together for so long. Volatile doesn’t really like
spread on subject of his personal life, and just a year ago and did
it was claimed that on such a luxury she doesn’t have time. But already last summer
during your vacation in Bali, she has published on a personal blog a picture of her
hand woven with men’s hand, making it clear that the love is still there in her

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