Бывшая жена Вальтера Соломенцева о третьем сыне: «В графе «отец» стоит прочерк» Ex-wife stars of the “House-2” soon will be forced to go to the hospital. Galina is going through: because now she has to raise three kids. She hoped that the ex-spouse will return to the family, but Walter Solomentsev longs to reunite with his mistress.
Бывшая жена Вальтера Соломенцева о третьем сыне: «В графе «отец» стоит прочерк»

Despite the fact that the former participant “Houses-2” in the past year he divorced with his wife Galina, a few weeks ago, she gave him a third son. The couple remind Brazilian TV series — Walter on the entire country expresses his feelings to his mistress Olesya lisovska, publicly humiliates her and runs to his wife. One of these returns has resulted in a pregnancy Solomentseva.

The boy was born prematurely, which Galina had to spend a few days under medical supervision. Now the newborn baby feels good, but just a couple of weeks after discharge, Walter left his family and flew off to rest.

“Until I see that he is not ready for us to move. Son was born with a small weight, but now gained a little. We have already received a birth certificate, chose the name together, but call only after baptism. Plan on the 40th day, about August,” — said Galina with “StarHit”.
Бывшая жена Вальтера Соломенцева о третьем сыне: «В графе «отец» стоит прочерк»

But the feel of a young mother is poor, but because of the children she had to abandon hospitalization — Galina doesn’t want to interrupt the feeding of breast milk, and not with whom to leave her sons. “In the nervous system’s health deteriorated. But the hospital will go later, if someone stays with the kids. Walter ready, he promised. I see that he’s tired, he wants freedom. Now nobody’s helping me,” — said ex-spouse Solomentsev.

The ex-wife of Walter Solomentsev: “During labor I was rushed into a cesarean section”

Galina also need help with moving while she lives in the house in Sergiev Posad, but Father Pavel Ostrovsky they took her to a more comfortable apartment. She hopes that some of her friends or acquaintances will help move my things into the new apartment.

“Walter gave me and the children money, said that will not leave us. Child support for the eldest sons were appointed last year. The youngest son in the dash in the column “father” because we are not married. But the name and surname of Walter. He’s upset he’s not officially listed by the Pope. Now he needs to establish paternity,” — said Galina.

Despite the fact that Solomentsev was recently born son, he still wants to return to his mistress. Galina believes that Olesya Lisovskaya prevents them family happiness and the return of Walter to the children.

“I am very hurt and sad to see he tries to return her. I was used to. Talked to him once, but he is a free agent. Before Walter always came home. If she had not kept, he would be with us. Don’t know, will anything change after the birth of the son”, — says Galina.