Первые фотографии беременной Никки Беллы на прогулке, после подтверждения слухов об этом

The dream Nikki Bella to become a mother finally comes true. She shows her little belly in the first new photos since announced her pregnancy with fiancé Artem Usov Chigvintseva.
From Nikki Bella, finally, there is a new feeling, which was not able to give her an American professional wrestler John Cena – the approaching the waiting the appearance of the firstborn light! 36-year-old former star and fiancé WWE Artem Chigvintsev, 37, announced on 29 January that they are expecting their first child together. Moreover, her twin sister brie Bella and her 38 – year-old husband Daniel Bryan are expecting a second child and twin sister to give birth in a few weeks. Nikki photographed a few hours after they announced such a beautiful event, and she had seen a small belly. She pressed her things to her chest, when he went to visit a friend in Los Angeles. This was highlighted by her narrow black pants and a red t-shirt with the neckline.

Первые фотографии беременной Никки Беллы на прогулке, после подтверждения слухов об этом
Nikki wrote on his page in Instagram: “I can’t even describe to you all how happy I am! I’m going to be a mom! That’s what I wanted — the dream of my life. I was definitely shocked when I found out. And so nervous! I wasn’t expecting it and didn’t feel ready, but this way of life is unpredictable. I thank God every day and night because they made this amazing blessing and miracle in my life! I already love him so much!!” Nikki said that she has already passed the first trimester, and is already at the period of 13 weeks.

Первые фотографии беременной Никки Беллы на прогулке, после подтверждения слухов об этом
Then she mentioned about the crazy coincidence that her twin sister is also pregnant and they have to be born in less than 2 weeks. “@Thebriebella. This life just wants you and I were twins in everything we do, and although we were shocked, beyond shocked, here is another journey, for which I am so grateful to God that you’re near me. You’ve become a better teacher!” And, of course, she had to thank Artem, the man who helped her become a mother. “Oh, @theartemc, your pure joy, bliss, love and happiness meant everything to me! Have to watch you be the best dad for this little miracle makes my heart smile so much! I know that we are not husband and wife, but I already like our attachment to this child.”

Nikki and professional dancer Artem first met when they were partners of the 25th season of “Dancing with the stars” in 2017, though at that time she was engaged with another WWE star John, 42 years old. After their separation in 2018 she started Dating Tom, but never confirmed a romantic relationship. Nikki finally broke it off with John in March of 2019 in the season finale of her E! In the reality show Total Bella admitted that she and Tom really were a couple. The couple became engaged while on holiday in France in November 2019.

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