Блейк Лайвли призналась, почему ее 5-летняя дочь не захотела посетить шоу Джимми Фэллона

From Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds have a lot of famous friends. It turns out that their five year old daughter of James more struck by Jimmy Fallon, as he is her “Beyonce”.
32-year-old Blake lively brought Jimmy Fallon some pretty amazing news about her older child when she went on his “the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon” on January 29. She told me that her five year old daughter James Reynolds didn’t want to accompany mom on the TV show. When Jimmy asked, “How’s my girl James?”, Blake said, “We need to stay away from you, Jimmy. She’s so scared of you.” Blake said that when she asked her to come on the record, James said nervously: “No, all right. Just go, just go”, refusing to join her mother. But it was actually very sweet cause.

When it came to host the show, a little girl upset about him. Blake told Jimmy that James is friends with Taylor swift. Jimmy Fallon, can’t speak. You look like Beyonce”. Blake added: “we in the house there is a poster cutout of Jimmy Fallon”. Knowing that a joking relationship with Jimmy and her husband Ryan Reynolds can even go to such extremes or not to be a joke at all.
Blake also said that James was absolutely overjoyed by the news of the birth of her younger sister, as she and Ryan recently became parents of a third daughter in their family at the end of summer 2019 (although they still didn’t catch her name). “My older child loves the baby, but my middle child — not so much with it spends time. It’s kind of like pretending to play with. First, our eldest loved to Tinker with her and was very involved in mother’s feelings. But our middle daughter just stays away from her”, — told Blake about three years INES.

But Blake knew how to change her mind. “I told her, you know you will teach her everything she knows. Are you going to tell her about the city, colors, sky, Santa Claus, Mickey mouse and all that I want.” Then Blake changed his facial expression sharply and was deeply moved by the memories of the children. Imitating INES, I said, “Oh, I didn’t love you, but now I love you,” — referring to her sister.

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