Первые фото со свадьбы Гвинет Пэлтроу и Брэда Фэлчака

Last Saturday took place the marriage of Gwyneth Paltrow and brad Felchak. The event was held in the strictest confidence: guests do not post pictures from the wedding on social networking, and paparazzi are not photographing the newlyweds. The couple itself has not commented on the marriage. But all such evidence is.

Первые фото со свадьбы Гвинет Пэлтроу и Брэда Фэлчака

Gwyneth put the photo in his blog in instagram, which depicts the hands of the newlyweds. On the fingers are a classic wedding ring.

Первые фото со свадьбы Гвинет Пэлтроу и Брэда Фэлчака
It is reported that the wedding took place in the mansion Gwyneth Paltrow on long island. The fact that near the mansion before the event was set three white tent. The first shatr was intended for the ceremony of marriage, the second for the reception. In it stood two long tables, decorated with white flowers. The third is the smallest for personnel and products. Treats for guests to the wedding of Gwyneth imported trucks. Only champagne was brought at least 10 boxes. Among the invited guests were spotted Robert Downey Jr. with wife Susan, Steven Spielberg with Kate Capshaw and Benji Madden with Cameron Diaz.

“I love it! I’ve never had a wedding (for her former husband Chris Martin Gwyneth Paltrow married secretly the ceremony took place in the family circle. — Approx. ed.). And despite the fact that I’m 45 years, I feel 21!” — shared the actress.

To the preparation of the couple have not yet begun, but actively thinking about the ideas of celebration. “Talking about it with friends is really fun. They send me pictures of different wedding dresses, and they seemed to be happy as much as I do, ” says Paltrow.

Good news about getting engaged, the actress announced through the messages in the log Goop, founded by herself Gwyneth. “We were incredibly lucky to meet each other in the moment of life when our shared successes and failures can serve as a Foundation for a healthy and happy relationship,” is written in the statement.

Paltrow has published in instagram photo from a photoshoot for a magazine where brad hugging Gwyneth. About the intention of the couple to be married the news appeared in the spring, and in November, journalists began to talk about the engagement.” They are already more than a year discussing it. Gwyneth and brad knew that sooner or later it will happen. For them it is an important decision, because previously they both had been in marriages that lasted many years. So no there was no hurry,” said one of the sources.