Первое фото младшего сына Андрея Мерзликина
A six-Makar has already visited with his parents abroad.

Первое фото младшего сына Андрея Мерзликина

Natalia Mokritsky with Makar Merzlikin

Photo: @natalia.mokritskaya (Facebook Natalia Mokritsky)

Andrew and Anna Merzlikina

Photo: Elena Sukhova

In the acting families children since the cradle begin to live a rich social life. So, the younger son of Andrey Merzlikina, which came to light in late January, has already visited with their parents at the film festival in Marbella.

Little Makar became the most popular member of this forum, the famous guests queued up to babysit. In the role of Mary Poppins, was a longtime friend of Merzlikina, one of the most successful producers in the country Natalia Mokritsky (“Battle for Sevastopol”, “Class correction”, “Portraying gerutu”).

When Andrew and Anna returned from Spain to Moscow and their house was again noisy and crowded. The actor and his wife invited their close friends to a party to celebrate and the birth of the youngest son Makar, and the 10th anniversary of married life (people such a wedding is called “tin” or “pink”). On this occasion the wife Merzlikina wore a dress with a floral pattern and a veil decorated with roses. And while the adults talked, the little Makarov watched his older brothers and sister: 9-year-old Aubrey, 7-year-old Seraphim, and 5-year-old Evdokia.

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