Светлана Лобода разоткровенничалась об отношениях с бывшим мужем Singer Andrew gives the King the opportunity to regularly see his daughter. A year and a half ago, the artist broke off relations with the father of her child, but for a long time remained silent about the reasons of parting.

      Светлана Лобода разоткровенничалась об отношениях с бывшим мужем

      For a long time Svetlana Loboda deals exclusively with career development and upbringing of my daughter. A year and a half ago it became known that the artist broke off relations with the father of her child, but to share the painful details of parting was in no hurry. Surrounded by Svetlana it was rumored that the lovers just couldn’t work well together, because they worked together on the creation of the concert Loboda.

      Many disputes resulted in a much larger conflict, which resulted in the separation. By the way, the birth of a child brought not a few, but on the contrary, gave them even more reasons for quarrels. In short, the need for further life together with Andrew King Svetlana Loboda not seen, and therefore made the decision to leave the father of her daughter.

      Now the man is regularly seen with a small eve – father and daughter having fun together, which certainly pleases Loboda. The confessions of the singer, it was very important to build with a former spouse, such relationships, in which they could painlessly for the child to communicate and discuss all educational issues. In short, the artist wanted them to with the King allowed each other to remain good for the girls parents.

      “Andrew comes almost every day, and he and eve relate to each other with tenderness, – says the singer about meeting ex-husband with her daughter . – I decided that my personal relationships should not affect the child, and the daughter never even asked why daddy doesn’t live with us.”

      By the way, remembering the reasons that prompted her to sever relations with the lover, Svetlana notes that it did not happen suddenly. The confessions of the singer, they with Andrew slowly walked to it, sometimes without noticing.

      “I don’t believe that the relationship on level ground can be destroyed. In love, we are unable to soberly assess and understand each other, but what can I say – we barely met! But when Andrew moved in together, we realized that some things in the character and habits of each other do not suit us. The birth of my daughter this discontent only increased, – has frankly declared Loboda in an interview with “Enjoy!”. – Besides, I was in a state of fatigue, of tiredness, as he worked to the last, and one week after childbirth was on the stage.”

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