Первый выпуск Top Gear без Кларксона провалился

The ratings of the once popular program has fallen significantly.

The other day the BBC news channel presented the debut episode of Top Gear with new presenters. The program looked to 4.5 million people, which was the worst figure in the history of the popular show about cars. Moreover, disgruntled spectators left the network a lot of negative feedback. 75% of responses from 70 thousand — negative. Criticized everything, but primarily new leading.

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Recall that Top Gear disappeared from the airwaves a year ago, together with the departure from the program of the legendary Jeremy Clarkson. TV guide TV presenter fired for sarcastic jokes on the brink of a foul, which regularly Jeremy spoke from the screen, and the constant conflicts with his superiors. After Clarkson from the show left his co-host Richard Hammond and James may, as well as the producer of the project. Despite significant losses, the air force decided to return to the program on the air. As a new presenter was chosen by the famous British DJ and entertainer Chris Evans. His partner was Matt LeBlanc, known to the Russian audience for his role as Joe in the TV series “Friends”.

He “substitute legend,” as dubbed Evans the Internet before the release of the first issue of his participation, said that he hoped that the show will see over 5 million people. However, the ratings with expectations of Chris does not match. The debut series 23rd season looked just 4.4 million viewers, the British press immediately called a failure. For comparison, the farewell show Clarkson saw over 5.5 million people.

Fiasco was reinforced by the hysteria on the Internet. Over 70% of all comments about the new structure of the program is sharply negative.

Chris, in contrast, believes that the debut was a success, and in confirmation of their figures. The presenter also stressed that in pursuit of ratings will not fall to the level of jokes and “naughty boys” Clarkson. In a new format such humor has no place.

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