Heard requires Depp penthouse, car and child support

Херд требует от Деппа пентхаус, авто и алименты

Became known the details of the financial claim of the actress to the spouse.

No matter how wanted johnny to have his divorce was quick and painless, his wishes cannot come true. Lawyers amber heard published requirements of the actress relating to the financial part of divorce. And judging by them, litigation is unavoidable.

The actress, who blames her husband’s star in the regular beating in a condition of alcoholic and narcotic intoxication, requires the offender’s monthly alimony of 50 thousand dollars, pay for her lawyers in the divorce process (125 thousand), penthouse, Los Angeles and expensive SUV. In addition, amber asks the court to grant her sole custody of the couple’s Pets: Yorkshire Terriers of BU and a Pistol (according to rumors, dogs have become one of the causes of the separation of the pair).

In General, the complete package: “painting, basket, cardboard and little mutt”. According to the New York Post, a total of Hurd expects to receive nearly 20 million American have.e. However, this amount could rise significantly if johnny decides to pull the divorce as quickly as possible, as planned, with no appeals.

Remarkably, a prenuptial agreement the couple has not concluded. And therefore the name of the law of the state of California spouse in a divorce gets half of joint property during marriage. And it’s 100 million Depp and as many as 380 thousand heard. However, lawyers believe that due to the short duration of the Union (just 15 months) 50% amber does not Shine. Max – the same twenty.

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