The finalists of the “You’re super!” and recorded the soundtrack to the cartoon “Rabbit school”

Финалисты «Ты супер!» записали саундтрек к мультфильму  «Заячья школа»
Career winners of the popular competition is rising.

Shooting of the show “You’re super!”

Photo: press-service of NTV

The first season of the international vocal competition
“You’re super!” ended recently, but a rich creative
the lives of the contestants continues! Thus, the finalists of the project Vitaly Talochkin
Karina Ismailov has managed
to record the soundtrack for the animated film “Rabbit school.”

I recorded Vitaliy and Karina, called the “New house”. It’s good
a song about how great it is to find
true friends and feel truly at home. Guys
admitted that it was unusual and very rewarding experience. Though
that Karina and Vitaly for the first time tried himself in the dubbing, they have
it was a real hit.

the film “Rabbit school” tells about the adventures of a rabbit max, who
wanted to be cool in the youth of
and ended up in an old-fashioned school
the Easter hare. Max, at first, disappointed by this turn
events, soon finds himself in the very correct place after all
Easter bunnies bring people not so much Easter eggs,
how much sincere joy.

To hear the voices of the finalists of the “You’re super!” from the big screen will be
20 July 2017 in all cinemas “Luxor”.

The project “You’re super!” of NTV television channel and the international news Agency and radio
Sputnik gave a chance to talented children from Russia, Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Armenia,
Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Ukraine, Estonia and South Ossetia to declare itself.