На фильм Билана Плющенко пришел, несмотря на плохое самочувствие

Russian stars gathered to watch the debut film of Dima Bilan.

“Dima, you’re our hero”, “Dima, we love you” – usually with such slogans groupie meet Bilan on stage. But this time waited at the entrance to the “Moscow”cinema.

On the eve there took place a premiere of the historical drama “Hero”, in which Bilan role of Lieutenant Andrew Dolmatova.

To congratulate the singer in addition to admirers of his talent gathered all Moscow Beau Monde: Tatiana Navka, Maria Kozhevnikova, Valentin Yudashkin, Ksenia Sobchak, lady Gaga, Sasha Savelieva, Ekaterina Volkova with her husband – a dancer Andrey Karpov, Evgeniy Kafelnikov, along with her daughter – 17-year-old model Alesya. Think about the outfits the guests this time was not necessary. The spirit party was set the dress code is “punk Princess”. And most chose a black and white color scheme.

Unusual “companion” brought to light Alexander Vasiliev – the black pug named Cat… what? In color it is very well blended!

Although probably the Cat went anyway. Because the dog Vasilyev, like a cat Lagerfeld, does not pass any premiere and loves to run around the red carpet.

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But Evgeny Plushenko to come to the premiere, it seems, was worth much effort. Because he is still recovering from back surgery. Didn’t look good, and on his neck was a bandage, which he took only for a couple of minutes to make photos.

Surprised the journalists and the singer Valeria, trying for premiere a black wig. In it the star, not herself… And at first, the journalists are taken aback: “who is Joseph Prigogine came?”

Such a sight we will not soon see. No wonder the Prime Minister has already called the main secular party of the year. Here is a movie to watch we can. The film is scheduled for March 31.

The film is based on real events and tells the audience about the tragic pages of Russian history of the early twentieth century. About honor and all-consuming power of love, which transcends time.

Lieutenant Andrey Dolmatov (Dima Bilan) falls in love with Princess Faith Chernyshev (Svetlana Ivanova). However, the happiness of lovers violates a series of tragic events. The first world war, the February revolution, the Civil war… Dolmatov goes to the front, and then joins the volunteer army. Bloody Ice hike, which was the beginning of the White movement, separates the lovers. But they keep their feelings for many years.

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